The Tallahassee Harlot

The Tallahassee Harlot is an urban legend originating from the 1850's when Florida State Senator David Levy was being black mailed by a Tallahassee prostitute after relations with her. To avoid a scandal getting out about such a respected member of the community, a group of hooded figures kidnapped and whisked the prostitute, who's name history has forgotten, away to Lake Elberta. It was there that she was drowned and it's there where she lures her victims with antiquated solicitations before turning from a meek little woman dressed in period appropriate clothes to a wet and haggard monster. Once at the lake, she drowns sleazy men not unlike the unfaithful Senator she slept with over 150 years ago.

David Levy Yulee was an American politician and attorney from Florida. He founded the Florida Railroad Company and served as president for other companies, earning the nickname of "Father of Florida Railroads."

In 1846, he married Nancy C. Wickliffe, the daughter of Charles A. Wickliffe, the former governor of Kentucky and Postmaster General under President John Tyler. While Yulee came from a Jewish background, his wife was Christian, and they raised their children as such.

In secret, he began to visit a prostitute at one of many disorderly houses that were around during the time. When the woman realized who Yulee was, she plotted to blackmail him. One variation of the story depicts that Yulee went as far as to write the woman letters. It was these "love letters" that she intended to use to incriminate him.

Unable to hide the truth any longer, Yulee's wife discovers the scandal. To keep Yulee's reputation from being ruined, Nancy called on her father for help. Her father enlisted a group of men to abduct the prostitute and dispose of her. Some will claim, however, that it was Nancy herself that hired the men.

Coming from low class background, the prostitute's name was never recorded or thoroughly erased by Yulee and his wife.

David Levy Yulee passed in October, 10, 1886. In 2000 he was recognized as that year's "Great Floridian" by the state.


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