Harlot Story by Zathoth

Good Evening Witching Hour, I live on the other side of the atlantic, which makes it impossible or me to write a convincing Tallhassee Harlot story... at least that is what I thought before last week.

I had been out watching a friend who is a rookie stand-up comedian - I may be biased here, but he was definitely the funniest one - and after some drinks me, him and a couple random drunks decided to take a walk. Nature had completely forgotten that it is December and had given autumn an indefinite extension so it was relatively warm.

We were all stumbling around, butchering my friends jokes and laughing. We had somehow ended up by a lake.

You see where this is going, right?

She was right there by the lake, in her old-timey dress and brown hair. She was quite beautiful, even if beer goggles probably helped.

She of course started flirting with us, some of the guys were into it, but I knew something was wrong, even if it made no damn sense.

Me and my friend, the comedian walked away, some guys stayed with her and I don't know what happened to the others.

What was I going to say? "She's an urban legend made up by a couple podcasters from the other side of the atlantic and should technically not exist, but if you fuck her she is going to turn into a swamp hag and drown you"?

I don't think she got anyone, I heard nothing on the news the next day.

So, I met an urban legend you made up, on the other side of the atlantic. Any theories?

Harlot Email by Grim Beetle

To the Witching Hour Podcast

This is a story that my aunt told me happened to her and my uncle. I didn't make the connection to the Tallahassee Harlot legend until after I heard your episode on it.

So my aunt and uncle had just gotten engaged and he has family in Tallahassee. They were visiting his grandparents and some cousins.

When they got some time to themselves, they went for a long walk. My aunt said they were walking around a park area and lake, I'm guessing it was Lake Elberta that you guys mentioned in your episode but she didn't remember its name.

So they're just walking along this path around the lake area and they notice this woman standing near the water's edge. Aunt said she was really confused by it because of the old timey dress she was wearing. He hair was kinda a mess but she looked pretty young. My aunt and uncle just kinda watched her for a bit until they realized she was crying.

Thinking something was wrong, my aunt wanted to go check on her. My uncle didn't, but my aunt dragged him with her. They walked up to the woman and tried to ask what was wrong. My aunt says she even got close enough to touch her arm. She said the woman was really pretty but didn't say anything to them. At least not to my aunt.

So my aunt decided she should get some help and told my uncle to stay with the woman. She went back to the path and was gone for a few minutes. She was coming back with a jogger she'd found and they heard a loud splash.

My uncle had fallen into he water and the woman was gone. The jogger and my aunt helped my uncle out, who was really freaked out. My aunt was trying to calm him down and ask where the woman had gone. He said the woman had pulled him into the water, but my aunt says that if you can get him to talk about it today, he just says he doesn't know where the woman went. That he'd slipped and fell.

I did try asking my uncle before emailing you guys, I just saw them for Thanksgiving. I told him about Tallahassee Harlot and asked if maybe that was the woman he saw. He got kinda flustered about it but he wouldn't tell me anything.

But anyway, that's the story. Love your podcast, keep it up. I listen while at work.

Also, I wanna add in my uncle's defense, he's a pretty decent guy. He's always been really good and honest to my aunt since they married. From what I've seen, at least.

-Grim Beetle

Untitled Harlot Story By WickedBinary

So I grew up in Florida but not really near Tallahassee, so I never heard the story of the Harlot growing up. But a couple years ago when I was in high school, I had a friend who shared this story that supposedly came from a friend of his sister. Let’s call this friend Abby.

So, Abby was living in an apartment with a roommate while they were attending Florida State University. It was one of those complexes where a lot of other students live who don’t want to stay in the dorms.

Anyway, one night Abby was coming home from swing shift at a part-time job she worked at. When she was pulling into her parking space, she noticed a woman hanging around by herself over on the sidewalk. She wouldn't have stood out, except she was dressed in some old colonial get up.

Abby told my friend’s sister that she just assumed she was part of the drama program or something, especially when a couple of college guys came wandering up to the front of the complex and the girl moved towards them to talk with them. Abby didn’t pick up on what was being discussed though before she went inside.

The next day when she mentioned it to her roommate, her roommate told her the story of the Tallahassee Harlot. I guess where she grew up it was a tale that got told in middle school during sleepovers. They both had a good laugh over it and didn’t think much more about it.

But then a couple of days later, word got around on campus about a memorial that was being held for a student that was found in Elberta lake. Officially the whole thing was chalked up as just being an accident and Abby couldn’t say whether or not he was one of the students she had seen the woman talking to, but it definitely made her wonder.

Anyway, I’d never seen anything about the Harlot before. I guess it’s a pretty localized tale, so it was fun to hear the details about it on the podcast.

I got a really shortened version of it when my friend was sharing this situation. All I had heard was she was a prostitute that got drowned by the wife of a rich client.