Harlot Email by Grim Beetle

To the Witching Hour Podcast

This is a story that my aunt told me happened to her and my uncle. I didn't make the connection to the Tallahassee Harlot legend until after I heard your episode on it.

So my aunt and uncle had just gotten engaged and he has family in Tallahassee. They were visiting his grandparents and some cousins.

When they got some time to themselves, they went for a long walk. My aunt said they were walking around a park area and lake, I'm guessing it was Lake Elberta that you guys mentioned in your episode but she didn't remember its name.

So they're just walking along this path around the lake area and they notice this woman standing near the water's edge. Aunt said she was really confused by it because of the old timey dress she was wearing. He hair was kinda a mess but she looked pretty young. My aunt and uncle just kinda watched her for a bit until they realized she was crying.

Thinking something was wrong, my aunt wanted to go check on her. My uncle didn't, but my aunt dragged him with her. They walked up to the woman and tried to ask what was wrong. My aunt says she even got close enough to touch her arm. She said the woman was really pretty but didn't say anything to them. At least not to my aunt.

So my aunt decided she should get some help and told my uncle to stay with the woman. She went back to the path and was gone for a few minutes. She was coming back with a jogger she'd found and they heard a loud splash.

My uncle had fallen into he water and the woman was gone. The jogger and my aunt helped my uncle out, who was really freaked out. My aunt was trying to calm him down and ask where the woman had gone. He said the woman had pulled him into the water, but my aunt says that if you can get him to talk about it today, he just says he doesn't know where the woman went. That he'd slipped and fell.

I did try asking my uncle before emailing you guys, I just saw them for Thanksgiving. I told him about Tallahassee Harlot and asked if maybe that was the woman he saw. He got kinda flustered about it but he wouldn't tell me anything.

But anyway, that's the story. Love your podcast, keep it up. I listen while at work.

Also, I wanna add in my uncle's defense, he's a pretty decent guy. He's always been really good and honest to my aunt since they married. From what I've seen, at least.

-Grim Beetle