Harlot Story by Zathoth

Good Evening Witching Hour, I live on the other side of the atlantic, which makes it impossible or me to write a convincing Tallhassee Harlot story... at least that is what I thought before last week.

I had been out watching a friend who is a rookie stand-up comedian - I may be biased here, but he was definitely the funniest one - and after some drinks me, him and a couple random drunks decided to take a walk. Nature had completely forgotten that it is December and had given autumn an indefinite extension so it was relatively warm.

We were all stumbling around, butchering my friends jokes and laughing. We had somehow ended up by a lake.

You see where this is going, right?

She was right there by the lake, in her old-timey dress and brown hair. She was quite beautiful, even if beer goggles probably helped.

She of course started flirting with us, some of the guys were into it, but I knew something was wrong, even if it made no damn sense.

Me and my friend, the comedian walked away, some guys stayed with her and I don't know what happened to the others.

What was I going to say? "She's an urban legend made up by a couple podcasters from the other side of the atlantic and should technically not exist, but if you fuck her she is going to turn into a swamp hag and drown you"?

I don't think she got anyone, I heard nothing on the news the next day.

So, I met an urban legend you made up, on the other side of the atlantic. Any theories?