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My name is Jesse Reyes. Online I like to go by Seid or MissDeadEnd though I prefer to drop the "Miss". Sometimes people mistake my gray hairs for weird highlights and I have permanent shadows under my eyes.

As a writer and character artist, I've had a love for horror since I was very young. I love a good story and most especially a scary story. The only thing I love more than horror is creating. Whether that be through writing, art or sewing, I'm happiest when I'm creating something or sharing my passion for it.

Just recently published my first novella, a paranormal gay romance, called Wormroot.

You can find me on Twitter @DeadEndSeid or on Instagram as missdeadend.




I go by Lady RaeAnne on the podcast or just RaeAnne.

Though I’m not much of a horror enthusiast, I do appreciate a good horror story when I come across it. I’m a huge stickler for a good plot no matter what the genre. My major interest is in writing and creating video games as I love incorporating visuals into storytelling.

Twitter @Raevell



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Mys Sophia

Mys Sophia, is a persona Seid helped me come up with. Its a play on the word "mysophobia" because I'm a bit of germaphobe.

I'm a huge Pentatonix fan!

While horror isn't always a prominent part of my life, I have always enjoyed and loved it in movies and stories. As a writer, there are few things I enjoy more than plotting out my own chilling tale. Well, perhaps curling up with a good book or going out to see a scary movie!

Sadly, I've prioritized other things in my life and can no longer continue with the podcast. But I'm grateful for the time I had on show. I hope it can continue on it's goal of helping people do what makes me them happy even if I can't be a part of it.

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