You can’t have a main course without getting a little experimental in the kitchen. The Creepy Cooking Staff is a podcast where UCA fixture Allen Chaney and his co-host Mike Macdee use the ‘ingredients’ supplied by listeners and their guests to try and make something tasty (or at the very least edible). Once a month Allen and Mike tackle the popular tropes and common story types of Creepypasta as suggested to them and try to brainstorm a story on the fly with the help of a guest. The results serve as a humorous glance at attempting to defy a genre in an attempt to improve it. Also fart jokes.



Allen Chaney

Allen is a writer, comedian, and podcaster living in Kansas who is most well known as the former creative and performing force behind ‘The Allen Hour’ and as one of the co-hosts of ‘Undercooked Analysis’. He knows when to hold’em and when to fold’em but the ‘em’ in that sentence is napkins so he doesn’t really see any benefit out of that. Allen narrates his own horror stories on the ‘Ignis Purgamentum’ channel and has a well-documented obsession with Shaquille O’Neal even though he has never regularly watched Basketball.

Twitter @IggyPurgy

Twitter @BeastBannon


Mike MacDee

Mike MacDee is a desert-dwelling mammal that secretes fiction and comics as a defense mechanism. He is currently on the endangered species list, but so far environmentalists have shown no interest in preserving him. You can read his work at

Twitter @MumbleMacDumble