David King started Undercooked Analysis with a simple idea: no script, no plan, and no filters as Creepypasta is put to literary scrutiny. It was meant to be a simple, low-effort spinoff of Midnight Marinara to do on a whim, something fun and stupid to do with friends. Today, David sees the show as much the same, only now it's grown into its own thing, is a lot more fun, and even more stupid than it was to begin with.

When not losing his mind over some of the material read on this show, David attempts to work on his myriad other projects that actually require effort. He's a cohost for Darkly Lit and sometimes pops up on the Witching Hour. He will stand by turkey vultures as the Best Meme until at least Episode #200, at which point he'll probably lose interest and pick something else.

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David King

Having practically grown up inside Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, David has been an avid lover of skeletons, spirits and haunts for as long as he can remember, and has been making up stories about them even longer - it is entirely possible he was raised by ghosts, like the kid from The Graveyard Book, but no one knows for sure. After graduating from CSULB in 2012 with a degree in English (the most expensive piece of paper he owns), David fell into the podcast pit and has been desperately trying to claw his way out since.

David's sinister creations include the award-winning Midnight Marinara podcast and its out-of-control spinoff, Undercooked Analysis. Outside of Creative Horror, David runs Animusings alongside Kaela Berry, and has co-written Pick Your Path. He frequently lends his voice to the works of Random Encounters entertainment, and has been featured in several of their musical parodies. David currently lives along a stretch of coastline with his fiance and their little chimera of a dog.

Twitter @scarysauce



Allen Chaney

Allen is a writer, comedian, and podcaster living in Kansas who is most well known as the former creative and performing force behind ‘The Allen Hour’ and as one of the co-hosts of ‘Undercooked Analysis’. He knows when to hold’em and when to fold’em but the ‘em’ in that sentence is napkins so he doesn’t really see any benefit out of that. Allen narrates his own horror stories on the ‘Ignis Purgamentum’ channel and has a well-documented obsession with Shaquille O’Neal even though he has never regularly watched Basketball.

Twitter @IggyPurgy

Twitter @BeastBannon