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The Witching Hour Podcast


A bi-weekly podcast for the creative horror fan. Join hosts, Seid, Raevell, and occasional guest as they discuss all things horror related to inspire and motivate horror fans to explore their love for the genre. From movies, books, TV, to supernatural lore, history, discussions on writing and how to create your own horror. New episodes every first Sunday of the month!


Undercooked analysis


Undercooked Analysis began with a simple idea: no script, no plan, and no filters as Creepypasta is put to literary scrutiny. Every Tuesday, join some mixture of David, Allen, Kaela and/or an ever-changing roster of guests as they attempt to make their way through whatever the internet throws at them. No story is safe from their raw feedback and inane banter.


Trick OR Track

Trick or Track is an infrequent podcast devoted to analyzing just what makes horror movie soundtracks scary.  Join Abysmii as he delves into curated film scores and find out what is a haunting track and what is an artful trick.


Darkly Lit Podcast


Darkly Lit is a monthly podcast that delves into horror literature. Read along with Kaela Berry, Jesse "Seid" Reyes, and David King where they try to discover what makes for a scary read.


Creepy Cooking Staff

The Creepy Cooking Staff is a podcast where Allen Chaney and his co-host Mike Macdee use the ‘ingredients’ supplied by listeners and their guests to try and make something tasty. Once a month Allen and Mike tackle the popular tropes and common story types of Creepypasta as suggested to them and try to brainstorm a story on the fly with the help of a guest.