41 - "The Forest of a Thousand Legs"

David and Prasokour don their protective gear and trudge into a Nosleep story without a NoSleep title, which is already a good sign. Will this anomalous arachnid account manage to snare the hosts in its narrative web, or will it be a the prose equivilant of a can of bug spray?

“The Forest of A Thousand Legs” is credited to Lovezinski. Read along here.

Animal Fact Files
Slimebeast’s “Spider Earth”

40 - Ultimate Greentext Story

This week, we boldly go where no one (here) had gone before - to a Greentext epic written by a proper anon, following a bit of a talk about Star Trek. David and Kaela are joined by Abysmii and Papreeka for this odd deviation of style, and Papreeka gets all the credit for pitching this one… for better or worse!

This story was posted anonymously, but was archived in imgur by MyNameIsGrant. Read along here.

39 - Short and Shivery 27

It didn’t start out as a Short and Shivery, but David, Kaela, Allen and Abysmii found the first story offered a little too short (but at least a little shivery) and decided to, at last minute, tack on another one. What follows is a pair of stories with very different tones and very different reactions from the panel of readers.

“The Gun Game” was initially uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki by RetardoTheMagnificent. Read along here.
”BooTube” is credited to Tbok1992. Read along here.

38 - SCP Roundup: Confinement Edition Part 1

Lord Bung’s Confinement series provides ample fodder for yet another trip to the SCP Foundation, as David, Kaela and Allen read up on the entries used as inspiration. How does the webseries hold up in terms of adapting the spirit of its source material, and which SCPs will be utilized?

All of the entries read can be found on the SCP Foundation website: http://www.scp-wiki.net/
SCP-082 - “‘Fernand’ the Cannibal“ was archived by FrtizWillie.
SCP-1846 - “Maize Angel” was archived by Communism will win.
SCP-007 - “Abdominal Planet” was archived by xthevilecorruptor.
SCP-407 - “The Song of Genesis” was archived by Pair Of Ducks.

36 - "Ticci Toby"

Technically this is the third time this “icon” story has popped up in David’s life, but it’s finally the one that gets pinned down and recorded for posterity, with a little help from Mike MacDee. Does Toby Rogers suffer from the same terrible cliches as his fellow Creepypasta brethren?

“Ticci Toby” is credited to Kastoway. Read along here.

30 - "Search and Rescue Woods" Part 5

More than halfway through the whole thing now, yet David and Allen struggle to muster any sort of enthusiasm as their dismal meandering through the endless expanse of this story continues. Will this part have any sort of unexpected surprises?

(Skip ahead to 3:18 if you want to avoid the sound of the hosts chomping food directly into microphones - their level of caring has hit an all-time low.)

"Search and Rescue Woods" is credited to searchandrescuewoods. Read along here.

29 - "The Doll Named Lil' Nancy"

A harrowing disaster means David and guests Beth Morton and Skill Flea are forced to recover from a lost recording by reading a haunted doll story, pulled at random from the depths of the Creepypasta Wiki. Will this make up for that time?

“The Doll Named Lil’ Nancy” is credited to ELGB333. Read along here.

Skill Flea’s Scare My Friends Writing Challenge ends December 23rd.

26 - Discussing Batman's Scarecrow (with The Arkham Sessions)

It’s the fear of victory, and the agony of the Scarecrow as David and Allen take a reading break this week to discuss their favorite Batman villain with special guests Brian Ward and Dr. Andrea Letamendi of The Arkham Sessions podcast. What makes Dr. Jonathan Crane and his experiments in fear so compelling, how does he compare to the other members of the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery, and is he really insane or simply a man who lacks empathy?