Midnight Marinara is an eerie collection of full cast audio dramas in the style of a radio play, adapted from some of the internet's most chilling stories and served by the mysterious Pasta Shade, Maitre D' of the Macabre. Whether it's a well known chiller, a deserving unknown that catches attention, or a sinister play crafted just for the show, we strive to present an entertaining spin on these tales of suspense and terror


David King grew up listening to classic radio dramas like Suspense, The Whistler and Lights Out, and was inspired by the podcast medium to attempt to do his own revival of eerie audio anthologies. He met the Pasta Shade in a chance encounter in 2013, and the two formed a bond over their shared love of ghost stories. This may or may-not have involved some sort of unholy pact, but David was on board, and by October of that year he was working behind-the-scenes to bring Midnight Marinara to life.

When he's not being the man behind the curtain of his macabre brainchild, David also plays co-host of Undercooked Analysis, which spawned from Midnight Marinara and became its own monster. He is also one of the co-hosts of Darkly Lit, and a frequent guest host on The Witching Hour.



Past episodes of Midnight Marinara along with the current running season are still being hosted on  the Benview network.

When the current season finishes, Midnight Marinara will finish its move to Creative Horror. In the meantime, please head over to the Benview Network for episodes.