Allen Chaney

47 - SCP Roundup: Confinement Edition Part 2

This episode brought to you by Anderson Robotics, producers of many fine paratech gadgets, as seen in the confines of the SCP Foundation and on Lord Bung’s Confinement. Available to ship worldwide very soon.

All of the entries read can be found on the SCP Foundation website:
SCP-1360 - “PSHUD #31” was archived by Jacob Conwell.
SCP-2306 - “Revenant AI” was also archived by Jacob Conwell.

39 - Short and Shivery 27

It didn’t start out as a Short and Shivery, but David, Kaela, Allen and Abysmii found the first story offered a little too short (but at least a little shivery) and decided to, at last minute, tack on another one. What follows is a pair of stories with very different tones and very different reactions from the panel of readers.

“The Gun Game” was initially uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki by RetardoTheMagnificent. Read along here.
”BooTube” is credited to Tbok1992. Read along here.

38 - SCP Roundup: Confinement Edition Part 1

Lord Bung’s Confinement series provides ample fodder for yet another trip to the SCP Foundation, as David, Kaela and Allen read up on the entries used as inspiration. How does the webseries hold up in terms of adapting the spirit of its source material, and which SCPs will be utilized?

All of the entries read can be found on the SCP Foundation website:
SCP-082 - “‘Fernand’ the Cannibal“ was archived by FrtizWillie.
SCP-1846 - “Maize Angel” was archived by Communism will win.
SCP-007 - “Abdominal Planet” was archived by xthevilecorruptor.
SCP-407 - “The Song of Genesis” was archived by Pair Of Ducks.

30 - "Search and Rescue Woods" Part 5

More than halfway through the whole thing now, yet David and Allen struggle to muster any sort of enthusiasm as their dismal meandering through the endless expanse of this story continues. Will this part have any sort of unexpected surprises?

(Skip ahead to 3:18 if you want to avoid the sound of the hosts chomping food directly into microphones - their level of caring has hit an all-time low.)

"Search and Rescue Woods" is credited to searchandrescuewoods. Read along here.

26 - Discussing Batman's Scarecrow (with The Arkham Sessions)

It’s the fear of victory, and the agony of the Scarecrow as David and Allen take a reading break this week to discuss their favorite Batman villain with special guests Brian Ward and Dr. Andrea Letamendi of The Arkham Sessions podcast. What makes Dr. Jonathan Crane and his experiments in fear so compelling, how does he compare to the other members of the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery, and is he really insane or simply a man who lacks empathy?

18 - "Jeff: The Killer" 2018 (#200)

For an ominous unknown killer, our old friend Jeff sure has a habit of making himself known. In what is UCA's 200th episode in the grand scheme of things, David, Kaela, Allen, Seid and Abysmii are offered yet another attempt at spinning a Jeff story to make it more compelling. Will it succeed where others have failed?

“Jeff: The Killer” was written by TheLawliet10. Read along here.

Bonus - Live at Midsummer Scream 2018 (Part 2)

Closing out their performance at Midsummer Scream, the Creative Horror gang reads a couple of stories blind, one of which would go on to be a proper episode you no doubt heard.

For the Part 1 of this panel, listen to Midnight Marinara here.

Performed July 28th, 2018 at the Long Beach Convention Center, featuring David King, Kaela Berry, Allen Chaney, Jesse "Seid," Reyes, Abysmii, Papreeka and Matt Holley. Video recording by Lisa Tom. Special thanks to Zack Sokol and Ben Dickow.

13 - "The Book of the Ravenous" (Midsummer Scream 2018)

Our 13th episode in the new run (and 195th episode overall) features the Creative Horror Crew all together in the aftermath of Midsummer Scream, reading a story they started to cover at the Midnight Marinara panel the day before! David, Kaela, Allen, Seid, Abysmii, Papreeka and Matt Holley (with special guest appearances by Gracey) wonder: is this verbose tale of a creepy cookbook worth the effort to finish?

"The Book of the Ravenous" is credited to William Buckley. Read along here.