Trick or Track - EP05 Midnight Movies


Trick or Track is an infrequent podcast devoted to analyzing just what makes horror movie soundtracks scary.  Join Abysmii as he delves into curated film scores and finds out what is a haunting track and what is an artful trick.

This episode, Abysmii moshes and thrashes as he reviews the cover album of underground horror movie classics, "Midnight Movies" by Acid Witch.


Special thanks to Griffin Doherty.

Check out the EP for yourself: Midnight Movies (2015) by Acid Witch:

Music Sampled in this episode (see Fair Use Disclaimer)

"Curse of the Wolf" by Jason Hull and Len Kabasinski (2006)

"October 31st" by Acid Witch from Witchtanic Hellcuinations (2008), Hells Headbangers Records

"Addicted to Vaginal Skin" by Cannibal Corpse from Tomb of the Mutilated (1992), Metal Blade Records 

Intro song: Abysmii

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