Short and Shivery

52 - Short and Shivery 30: Pokemon Edition

David and Kaela have a birthday present for their friends at Random Encounters in their third, well, encounter with AJ, Gwen and Nate. From the depths of Creepypasta’s past come a pair of Pokemon perils that have significant history and a noticeable impact on the trend of PokePasta that followed. Do these two odd accounts still hold up?

“Pokemon Black” was written anonymously. Read along here.

“Lavender Town Syndrome” was also written anonymously. Read along here.

49 - Short and Shivery 29

Cleric of Madness, the erstwhile creator of the Creepypasta Wiki, rises again to help David and Kaela navigate a pair of bite-sized stories about the walking dead. Do these shambling shells have any semblance of life in them, or will they prove to be as mindless as the zombies they’re attempting to utilize?

“Self Preservation” is credited to BananaCorn. Read along here.
”Since the Incident” is credited to Chelsea.adams.524. Read along here.

44 - Short and Shivery 28

David’s never really been a cat person but is alright being cat-adjacent, while Kaela had a cat growing up and likes them pretty well. That’s important because this episode, guests Eli and Kylie from Animal Fact Files are bringing some feline frights to peruse. Will these two tales make the groups whiskers stand on end, or are these cats better left in the bag?

"Feline Shadows" is credited to Dengrath. Read along here.

"Found Cat" is credited to Needle553312. Read along here.

39 - Short and Shivery 27

It didn’t start out as a Short and Shivery, but David, Kaela, Allen and Abysmii found the first story offered a little too short (but at least a little shivery) and decided to, at last minute, tack on another one. What follows is a pair of stories with very different tones and very different reactions from the panel of readers.

“The Gun Game” was initially uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki by RetardoTheMagnificent. Read along here.
”BooTube” is credited to Tbok1992. Read along here.