Kaela Berry

50 - "Sailor Moon Lost Episode"

They may not be pretty soldiers, but David, Kaela, Abysmii and Seid are here fight evil by moonlight and talk about Sailor Moon while reading yet another attempt at a “lost episode” story. This Wattpad wonder seems to have been written by a kid, so the gang’s not expecting anything glorious by a long shot. But will they have fun anyway?

“Sailor Moon: Lost Episode” is credited to fluffycupcakegirl. Read along here.

49 - Short and Shivery 29

Cleric of Madness, the erstwhile creator of the Creepypasta Wiki, rises again to help David and Kaela navigate a pair of bite-sized stories about the walking dead. Do these shambling shells have any semblance of life in them, or will they prove to be as mindless as the zombies they’re attempting to utilize?

“Self Preservation” is credited to BananaCorn. Read along here.
”Since the Incident” is credited to Chelsea.adams.524. Read along here.

47 - SCP Roundup: Confinement Edition Part 2

This episode brought to you by Anderson Robotics, producers of many fine paratech gadgets, as seen in the confines of the SCP Foundation and on Lord Bung’s Confinement. Available to ship worldwide very soon.

All of the entries read can be found on the SCP Foundation website: http://www.scp-wiki.net/
SCP-1360 - “PSHUD #31” was archived by Jacob Conwell.
SCP-2306 - “Revenant AI” was also archived by Jacob Conwell.

DisneyPasta Challenge

Though we announced it in the last episode, here is a formal issue of our next writing challenge, asking our courageous writers to pen a dark Disney tale.

Prizes: First place winner receives $50 USD, Second Place receives $25 USD and Third Place receives $15 USD. Winners will receive their cash prizes through PayPal, so you must be able to provide a PayPal in order to receive it.

Only one submission per writer

Word Count: 2,000 word maximum, no minimum

Due Date: July 17, 11:59PM PST

Sending Your Story

-Send your story to midnightmarinara@gmail.com

-All stories must have titles

-Send preferably as a .doc or .pdf, but can be put in the body of the email

-Please only add your name in the subject area of the email. Do not put your name anywhere in the story, whether it is in an attachment or in the body of an email.

Writing Rules/Guidelines

-It has to be set in the parks. It can be about a ride or experience, or it could just take place within the context of the parks. It should have its main incident within a Disney park or resort property.

-Avoid writing only about Marvel, Fox, or Star Wars (The idea behind a Disney Creepypasta is the juxtaposition between a corporation, normally seen as “magical” and “innocent”, and unexpected terror. Focusing on the above franchises alone defeats the purpose).

-Can be as realistic or as supernatural as you like

-We’re looking for engaging stories, that capture that creepiness factor about Disney that people often forget. The story should easily interweave the family-friendly reputation of Disney with horror

-Judging criteria might favor stories that have a sense of grounding and detail, but that's based on understanding the setting and tone.

44 - Short and Shivery 28

David’s never really been a cat person but is alright being cat-adjacent, while Kaela had a cat growing up and likes them pretty well. That’s important because this episode, guests Eli and Kylie from Animal Fact Files are bringing some feline frights to peruse. Will these two tales make the groups whiskers stand on end, or are these cats better left in the bag?

"Feline Shadows" is credited to Dengrath. Read along here.

"Found Cat" is credited to Needle553312. Read along here.

40 - Ultimate Greentext Story

This week, we boldly go where no one (here) had gone before - to a Greentext epic written by a proper anon, following a bit of a talk about Star Trek. David and Kaela are joined by Abysmii and Papreeka for this odd deviation of style, and Papreeka gets all the credit for pitching this one… for better or worse!

This story was posted anonymously, but was archived in imgur by MyNameIsGrant. Read along here.

39 - Short and Shivery 27

It didn’t start out as a Short and Shivery, but David, Kaela, Allen and Abysmii found the first story offered a little too short (but at least a little shivery) and decided to, at last minute, tack on another one. What follows is a pair of stories with very different tones and very different reactions from the panel of readers.

“The Gun Game” was initially uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki by RetardoTheMagnificent. Read along here.
”BooTube” is credited to Tbok1992. Read along here.

38 - SCP Roundup: Confinement Edition Part 1

Lord Bung’s Confinement series provides ample fodder for yet another trip to the SCP Foundation, as David, Kaela and Allen read up on the entries used as inspiration. How does the webseries hold up in terms of adapting the spirit of its source material, and which SCPs will be utilized?

All of the entries read can be found on the SCP Foundation website: http://www.scp-wiki.net/
SCP-082 - “‘Fernand’ the Cannibal“ was archived by FrtizWillie.
SCP-1846 - “Maize Angel” was archived by Communism will win.
SCP-007 - “Abdominal Planet” was archived by xthevilecorruptor.
SCP-407 - “The Song of Genesis” was archived by Pair Of Ducks.

21 - "Just Telling Stories"

With Midnight Marinara's 5th anniversary on the horizon, David introduces a new segment looking back at the stories that were adapted into audio drama. Does the source material for the first episode still hold up on its own? David and Kaela check in to find out.

"Just Telling Stories" was written by Karl Drinkwater. The version read here was originally posted on Creepypasta.com and is now removed. An updated version, along with several other short stories by Karl, can be found in his short story collection They Move Below here.

18 - "Jeff: The Killer" 2018 (#200)

For an ominous unknown killer, our old friend Jeff sure has a habit of making himself known. In what is UCA's 200th episode in the grand scheme of things, David, Kaela, Allen, Seid and Abysmii are offered yet another attempt at spinning a Jeff story to make it more compelling. Will it succeed where others have failed?

“Jeff: The Killer” was written by TheLawliet10. Read along here.

Bonus - Live at Midsummer Scream 2018 (Part 2)

Closing out their performance at Midsummer Scream, the Creative Horror gang reads a couple of stories blind, one of which would go on to be a proper episode you no doubt heard.

For the Part 1 of this panel, listen to Midnight Marinara here.

Performed July 28th, 2018 at the Long Beach Convention Center, featuring David King, Kaela Berry, Allen Chaney, Jesse "Seid," Reyes, Abysmii, Papreeka and Matt Holley. Video recording by Lisa Tom. Special thanks to Zack Sokol and Ben Dickow.