DisneyPasta Challenge

Though we announced it in the last episode, here is a formal issue of our next writing challenge, asking our courageous writers to pen a dark Disney tale.

Prizes: First place winner receives $50 USD, Second Place receives $25 USD and Third Place receives $15 USD. Winners will receive their cash prizes through PayPal, so you must be able to provide a PayPal in order to receive it.

Only one submission per writer

Word Count: 2,000 word maximum, no minimum

Due Date: July 17, 11:59PM PST

Sending Your Story

-Send your story to midnightmarinara@gmail.com

-All stories must have titles

-Send preferably as a .doc or .pdf, but can be put in the body of the email

-Please only add your name in the subject area of the email. Do not put your name anywhere in the story, whether it is in an attachment or in the body of an email.

Writing Rules/Guidelines

-It has to be set in the parks. It can be about a ride or experience, or it could just take place within the context of the parks. It should have its main incident within a Disney park or resort property.

-Avoid writing only about Marvel, Fox, or Star Wars (The idea behind a Disney Creepypasta is the juxtaposition between a corporation, normally seen as “magical” and “innocent”, and unexpected terror. Focusing on the above franchises alone defeats the purpose).

-Can be as realistic or as supernatural as you like

-We’re looking for engaging stories, that capture that creepiness factor about Disney that people often forget. The story should easily interweave the family-friendly reputation of Disney with horror

-Judging criteria might favor stories that have a sense of grounding and detail, but that's based on understanding the setting and tone.