36 - "Ticci Toby"

Technically this is the third time this “icon” story has popped up in David’s life, but it’s finally the one that gets pinned down and recorded for posterity, with a little help from Mike MacDee. Does Toby Rogers suffer from the same terrible cliches as his fellow Creepypasta brethren?

“Ticci Toby” is credited to Kastoway. Read along here.

18 - "Jeff: The Killer" 2018 (#200)

For an ominous unknown killer, our old friend Jeff sure has a habit of making himself known. In what is UCA's 200th episode in the grand scheme of things, David, Kaela, Allen, Seid and Abysmii are offered yet another attempt at spinning a Jeff story to make it more compelling. Will it succeed where others have failed?

“Jeff: The Killer” was written by TheLawliet10. Read along here.