NoSleep Nonsense

41 - "The Forest of a Thousand Legs"

David and Prasokour don their protective gear and trudge into a Nosleep story without a NoSleep title, which is already a good sign. Will this anomalous arachnid account manage to snare the hosts in its narrative web, or will it be a the prose equivilant of a can of bug spray?

“The Forest of A Thousand Legs” is credited to Lovezinski. Read along here.

Animal Fact Files
Slimebeast’s “Spider Earth”

30 - "Search and Rescue Woods" Part 5

More than halfway through the whole thing now, yet David and Allen struggle to muster any sort of enthusiasm as their dismal meandering through the endless expanse of this story continues. Will this part have any sort of unexpected surprises?

(Skip ahead to 3:18 if you want to avoid the sound of the hosts chomping food directly into microphones - their level of caring has hit an all-time low.)

"Search and Rescue Woods" is credited to searchandrescuewoods. Read along here.

14 - Trapped in the Bathroom Story

David and Matt are stuck in NoSleep this week, but are sent a Patron's Poison to ease things along. With a promising premise right from the outset and storytelling style that seems to work with the NoSleep mold, will this story come out of the bathroom smelling fresh as a daisy, or is it better to flush it away?

"'I've been trying to leave my bathroom for the past 30 minutes" is credited to v0ids. Read along here

03 - "A Scarecrow For God"

If you stare into the stars long enough, do the stars stare back? David, Allen and Abysmii are going to find out in this odd sci-fi account of a cosmic discovery that could shake humanity's understanding of life to its core. Does the story succeed in this profound attempt, or is it trying to shout into a void?

"A Scarecrow For God" is credited to survivalprocedure. Read along here.

01 - "Does Anyone Know a Good Plumber?" (w/ Random Encounters)

David shares an intentionally tongue-in-cheek NoSleep story with some of the folks behind Random Encounters, who have no idea what they're getting themselves into. Will this amuse as intended, or is it better to put the cat back in the suitcase?

"Does anyone know a good plumber? I did one of those stupid rituals and now my shower is leaking. And there’s a faceless guy in my kitchen" is credited to narrativeofthelife. Read along here.